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Muslim Female Skate Crew

A global community of Muslim female leaders across the board.


Skater Uktis is a global community, a movement, here not only to create and connect Muslim female skaters but to develop and empower the next generation of Muslim females to grow spiritually and become ethical leaders across the board; activists, politicians, community organisers, and much more.

We are here to help bring out the unknown talents within one another and channel them to showcase the true message of Islam, at a time when the media portrays Muslims in a negative light.

We will work together to bring positive social change in society through personal and spiritual development. We hope to encourage our members globally to serve those around them- to serve their communities, by getting involved in volunteering within local community projects and helping the vulnerable e.g. charity work, soup kitchens, and holding cultural events such as Islamic poetry & art nights and much more. All while learning to skateboard together.

Collaborated with…


Skater Uktis was recognised by Vans Middle East in their ‘Keys to the kingdom’ campaign highlighting trailblazers who are changing the skateboarding world in more ways than one.

UAE Ministry of Culture & Youth

Skater Uktis presented an exhibition & workshop at Al Burdah Festival, a multidisciplinary platform run by the UAE Ministry of Culture & youth engaging in cutting-edge dialogues around the present and future of Islamic arts and culture.

Vogue Arabia

Skater Uktis was recognised by Vogue Arabia in the September 2022 issue, shedding light on Young Movers and Shakers of the Arab World Who are Driving Change Everywhere.


Skater Uktis was recognised by Reebok in their ‘The invitation surrounds you’ campaign highlighting women who are changing the skateboarding world and inspiring the next generation.

Eko Magazine

Skater Uktis was recognised by Eko Magazine in issue 7 ‘Sounds of welcome’ for creating a global sisterhood powered by female activists, and community champions who are passionate about combining their faith and skateboarding.


Skater Uktis was recognised by Gal-dem for their continued efforts to empower Muslim female skaters to show up authentically as themselves.


Weekly Skate Meet-Ups and Socials

Come and join us in the world of skateboarding.

All levels welcome.

For more information, please email us at skateruktis@gmail.com.


Send us an email at skateruktis@gmail.com with your name, age, and contact details to become a member of Skater Uktis and book your place at one of our upcoming meet-ups in your country.

(Currently running in England, Norway, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Australia, USA, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Tunisia, Iraq, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand)

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Founder and Director

Nusaiba is a psychodynamic psychotherapist. She started skateboarding at age 12 but then stopped for a while before returning to it some years ago. She aspires to be a professional skater and is passionate about using skating as a tool for personal development.

Nusaiba Al-Azami

Creative Lead

Amna is an aspiring artist who graduated with a BA in Media and Communication. Her long-term passion is in creating animation work. She is currently focusing on developing her skills in illustration and comics. Amna stopped skateboarding for a few years and returned back to it in 2019 to enjoy skating again.

Amna Zaman

Head of Media & Communications

Hafsah graduated with a BA in Sociology with Criminology. She spends her time writing spiritual poetry, photography, and art. She wishes to bring more diversity within these various sectors, due to the lack of representation. She discovered her interest in skateboarding in early 2020 and enjoys doing it for fun.

Hafsah Mohammed


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